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About Us

We have been selling top-quality worker safety and comfort products since 1997. We pride ourselves on finding unique and industry leading safety products for our customers. Our ErgoKneel Handy Mats, and Extreme Standing Mats are fine examples of the products we sell. Our SoftKnees No-strap Knee Pads are saving knees all over the country. We would love to have you try them out.

If you have a comfort or safety problem at work, we can help. We will do our best to provide the best solution possible. Most of our products are from Working Concepts, Inc. who produce safety products right here in Oregon.

Our founder, Richard Crampton, designs our products and is totally convinced that most other companies build obsolescence into their products in order to sell more. We do not. As a matter of fact he despises that! As a Millwright of 36 years, he learned to make things work, make them work right, and make them work for the duration.

Please, browse our pages, and contact us with any questions you might have. We are always happy to discuss what we can do for you.