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Mat Material Sheet Stock

Made of the same material as our ErgoKneel® kneeling mats, our mat material sheet stock provides optimal shock absorption to effectively reduce joint trauma and lower back pain.

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  • 1-inch thick foam rubber
  • Hugs the floor
  • Won’t absorb water
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Pain-free kneeling can reduce lower back stress
  • Use this sheet for large areas, or cut it up for different uses and areas
  • Use this for your work, home or commercial application

Our mat sheet stock is perfect for those who want a custom fit mat.  You can be creative on how you want to use this mat as some of our customers have used them in the kitchen, garage, at industrial machines, cash register counters, teacher desks, architects, and more.

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Product Size

3' x 7' x 1"